Preparing for a Property Valuation in Sharm El Sheikh: 13 Essential Items

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6/8/20241 min read

Before scheduling a complimentary property valuation with us at Sea Dreaming Properties, do your best to ensure you have the necessary documentation, where applicable, to expedite the process and ensure an accurate valuation. Here's a checklist to help you prepare:

  1. Title Deed or Legal Ownership Documentation: This is paramount proof of ownership.

  2. Legal Title Plan for Lot: This verifies the property's size and boundaries.

  3. Purchase & Sale Agreement (if applicable): Provides details of the original purchase.

  4. Marketing Agent/Realtor Contact (if applicable): Useful for the valuer to understand marketing efforts.

  5. Lawyer's Legal Searches or Title Report (if available): Highlights any outstanding legal issues.

  6. Occupational Leases (copies or template): Important for income-generating properties.

  7. Lease Summaries & Rent Role: Details rental income and lease agreements.

  8. Approved Building Plans & Floor Areas: Official blueprints with relevant approvals.

  9. List of Recent Upgrades or Renovations: Improves the property's value.

  10. Building Completion Certificate (if available): Issued by the local authority upon completion.

  11. Last 3 Years' Operational Financial Statements: Demonstrates the property's running costs.

  12. Buildings Insurance Policy & Latest Receipt: Verifies insurance coverage.

  13. Latest Property Tax Bill & Receipts: Confirms that property taxes are up-to-date.

Having these documents readily available streamlines the valuation process and ensures a more efficient and accurate assessment of your Sharm El Sheikh property.